Audiophile streaming

Fidelify uses Spotify Core to deliver streaming content directly to the soundcard, using either ASIO or WASAPI. This enables the user to easily avoid sampling conversion or mixing, ensuring a bit perfect stream.

Fidelify also supports convolution of the audio stream to allow real time FIR filter correction, like room correction or active crossovers, and one VST plugin socket to apply third party DSP effects like an equalizer or tube sound simulation.


Fidelify is currently in beta, which means that a fully functional verified stable release is not yet ready. Please forward any bug reports to

Current State

Fidelify features a dark and modern UI, with a no nonsense design. The client is lightweight and features the necessary functionality needed to enjoy the vast music library of Spotify, in the best possible quality.

Still the feature set is not yet complete, and you might miss functionality you are used to from the official Spotify client. The highest priority features to add as of now are artist and album profiles, playlist management and playlist folders.

As the beta progresses we will keep adding new features, but not all of the official Spotify features will be included. Social features like Facebook integration, User Profiles and Following will probably never be added, as they are not crucial to our goals with this application.

Beta Versions

Click on a version below to start downloading Fidelify. We recommend downloading the latest version available.

If you enjoy this application, please consider a small donation to support further development.

Latest version:

Fidelify v.0.9.1 (20.04.2014)


Fidelify v.0.9.0 (20.04.2014)
Fidelify v.0.5.1 (09.11.2012)
Fidelify v.0.5.0 (02.11.2012)
Fidelify v.0.4.2 (18.10.2012)
Fidelify v.0.4.1 (08.08.2011)
Fidelify v.0.4.0 (08.08.2011)
Fidelify v.0.3.0 (19.05.2011)
Fidelify v.0.2.1 (28.04.2011)
Fidelify v.0.2.0 (26.04.2011)
Fidelify v.0.1.1 (25.04.2011)
Fidelify v.0.1.0 (24.04.2011)
Fidelify v.0.0.1 (23.04.2011)

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